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Bright Spots in Healthcare

May 12, 2023

Healthcare leaders from Blue Shield of California, CareSource, UT Health Austin and Vori Health discuss the importance of adopting a whole-person approach across the broader healthcare experience to maximize value, drive healthy behavior change and ensure more equitable care. 


Learn how to develop an integrated whole-person solution framework and implement strategies to support members with chronic and high-risk conditions. Topics include:

  • Adopting self-service digital tools and applications to engage members

  • Providing access to resources, health coaches, medication, and mental/behavioral health support

  • Leveraging medical and SDoH data to determine unique needs, tailor care, and sustain healthy behavior change


Panelists: Judith Davis, Vice President Clinical Operations, Ohio Market, CareSource, Angie Kalousek Ebrahimi, Senior Director, Lifestyle Medicine, Blue Shield of California, Karl Koenig, M.D., M.S., Executive Director, Musculoskeletal Institute; Division Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery, Associate Professor of Surgery and Perioperative Care, Dell Medical School, Ryan A. Grant, MD, MBA, FAANS, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Vori Health



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This episode is sponsored by Vori Health

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