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Bright Spots in Healthcare

Jun 24, 2022

Risk adjustment is much more than a regulatory requirement for Medicare Advantage plans –  it can improve the quality of care by providing an accurate picture of each member’s health status and ensuring each member receives the right interventions and treatment. 


Providers play an important role in risk...

Jun 10, 2022

Engaging high-needs Medicare and Medicaid members can be a huge barrier to better health and a consistent challenge for even the most innovative health plans. In order to successfully engage these members, health plans must meet them in the communities they live and work and provide the right solutions and resources....

Jun 1, 2022

Socially Determined Co-Founder and CEO, Trenor Williams, MD, talked with Eric about the importance of accessing and unlocking the potential of member demographic data, including race, ethnicity and language, to identify social risk.


Specifically, he shared details of his organization’s partnership with...