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Bright Spots in Healthcare

Aug 30, 2020


As COVID-19 spread across the country, primary care practices were forced to transform in a few short weeks. While causing economic upheaval in the health care system, the pandemic also showed how primary care can move into the future and deliver care in multiple ways.

Our expert panel discusses the key drivers of primary care transformation, what the future should look like, and how payers and providers can adapt to the evolving landscape. Topics covered during the discussion include virtual care, group visits, integrating behavioral health, racial disparities, remote patient monitoring, value-based payments, medical scribes and more!



Wayne Altman, MD, FAAFP, President, Family Practice Group (The Sagov Center for Family Medicine); Jaharis Family Chair of Family Medicine, Tufts University School of Medicine;

Daniel Horn, M.D. Director, Population Health, General Internal Medicine; Associate Medical Director at the Massachusetts General Physician Organization; 

Dan McCarter, MD, FAAFP, National Director, Primary Care Advancement, ChenMed; 

Karolina Skrzypek, MD, Medical Director in Provider Engagement, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. 

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