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Bright Spots in Healthcare

Mar 17, 2023

Healthcare leaders from United Health Group, Blue Shield of California, Highmark, Oklahoma Complete Health (Centene) and TytoCare share real-world, virtual care success stories. Gain insight into how virtual care boosts outcomes improves equity and reduces costs. Hear case studies, lessons learned, and best practices you can implement in your organization.


Topics include:

  1. Engagement, Experience and Equity

  2. Plan Design

  3. Local as a Strategy and Hybrid Care


Industry Experts: Nina Birnbaum, Medical Director, Innovation Acceleration, Blue Shield of California; Barbara Koch, Senior Vice President, Office of Health Equity, UnitedHealth Group; 

Timothy Law, DO, Chief Medical Officer, Highmark; Douglas Olivo, Director of Rural Care and Telehealth Services, Oklahoma Complete Health, a subsidiary of Centene; Si Yahav Tirosh, Director of Engagement Labs, TytoCare


This episode is sponsored by TytoCare

TytoCare allows users to access quality medical care anytime, anywhere, enabling providers to conduct a comprehensive examination of the ears, lungs, heart, throat, heart rate, temperature, skin, abdomen, and more ..all remotely. TytoCare’s handheld exam kit and app connect users with a clinician or specialist for a medical exam and telehealth visit no matter where they are. Clinicians can access clinical-quality exam data to help ensure patients receive the best remote diagnosis and treatment possible. Health providers, insurers, hospitals, clinics, businesses, and schools worldwide are leveraging TytoCare’s remote exam system to deliver on the full promise of telehealth. And when it comes to product design and the consumer experience, no one has them beat.  Companies who are already leveraging their knowledge and platform include Kaiser, Elevance, Amazon and the NHS to name a few. TytoCare is fully compliant and cleared with regulatory bodies, including FDA, CE, HealthCanada, ISO medical, HIPAA, HITRUST, and GDPR.